Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Capitalism Is Indeed Organized Crime, Music To Die By, Dead Art Always Conquers

Holy shitballs, it has been a while. It's most likely due to nothing really special happening in my life. And constantly working and toiling in the pits of capitalism instead of opening the pit like a true mosh warrior. Things could be worse though, I could be like all the normos I have to provide sustenance for. Fuck normos, fuck I hate normos. You know what I hear far too often? "Which is bigger, the half or the whole?" Dead fucking serious. These mouth breathers are allowed into the public spaces. They traverse the valleys of puerile monotony just so that they can ask me shit like that. God hates us all. "But I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul." Speaking of devils, I have been slaying demons a lot. That is something I take pride in. People don't realize how important demon slaying is. If I don't slay demons, they would consume us all. When I am at work I just hope and wish that I could be a wizard all day everyday. Slaying would be my employment. But the zombie apocalypse is far more likely so I would go for that too. As long as there was still electricity, high capacity internet, and the Code Red supply would have to keep flowing I would hate to be left with only flat ass Dew to fuck with. It would be Hell on Earth, and it would be glorious. But yeah, check out this cinematic for the upcoming Diablo 3 expansion. Whether you are into gaming or not, it is pretty fucking coo. Some sweet ass gnar-gnar to help you grind through your bogus day-o-rama.

Fuck. Shit is getting buck. 

On the topic of demons and loser-dom, Tristram has been doing shit again believe it or not. I have been playing with our drummer Sky pretty frequently and recently acquired some decent gear, at least temporarily. So I haven't been wanting to murder my own ears in cold blood. We have plans to record an EP in the near future and then shoot for an LP. I eventually realized we have jack shit for music recordings and no one would give a shit if we dropped an LP. They would be like, "What the fuck is this shit!? Some shit-asses trying to put out some shit with their shitty-sucky riffs!? With some shit-shark from Conklin!? Fuck that shit." But I have been taking in a few new influences. The two main ones being Ulver and Mournful Congregation. Those two bands are fucking my shit up lately. The first Ulver record is perfect, his vocals are incredible. I really want to try and emulate that style with my own singing. And Mournful Congregation, I don't even know where to begin. Bands like that are life affirming. Masters of the macabre, Seraph's of sorrow, Acolytes from the abyss. I mourn the moments I spent without this band in my life. I am going to start working on material for RUINED soon enough and you will probably hear a lot of Mournful Congregation rip-offs. 

End of an era.
And now a small rant that I meant to bring up at an earlier date but hey as I said before I am a 24/7 pitboss and potato pirate so fuck it. This may seem as old news to some, but for people who don't live in my immediate area I will explain in detail. For the past decade, we degenerates had a place called The Division Avenue Arts Collective, The DAAC for short, where we would gather and play music, hang art, make art, scream, sing, laugh, cry and mingle with our fellow societal mutants. But the owner of the building that the DAAC used to thrive in revoked their lease because essentially they would not play ball and become an ArtPrize exhibit. (Google ArtPrize if you don't know what it is, but basically it's a celebration of boring, safe, white people "art" and galvanized Christians cascading blight across our fair city of Grand Rapids.) I was never especially fond of the DAAC, as a musician it always sounded like shit and kids would rarely come out because it was a sober space, and no one wants to participate in a show if you can't be fucked up right? But regardless, it was a volunteer run social conduit where I spent some of my fondest memories over the years. And now that is all over, well perhaps temporarily squandered but nevertheless a huge blow has been made to the D.I.Y. scene in West Michigan and what do we get in return? Most likely a room with 4 walls, each desecrated with the canvas of consumerism and the toil of profiteers. Where dead-eyed, vapid vertebrates can peruse empty, meaningless stimuli so they can disseminate like insects. The entire concept of art being a competition is a paradox that I will never comprehend. And all I can say is that it is a travesty that such a thing has befallen us and the worst part is, it is going to get worst before it gets better. But in the words of Ernst Fischer, “In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay.” So perhaps the demise of art in Grand Rapids will be our Renaissance. In the end, what can I say that George Carlin couldn't say better. 

Too true George, too true.