Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gotta Bjork 'Em All!, A Case For Bass Replace, Glooming At A City Near You

This has nothing to do with anything.
But I have been playing Pokemon again.
Listening to "Hyper-Ballad" by Bjork right now. This song is so fucking good. The album "Post" is incredible. I know most people have been on the Bjork boat for a long time already but I am only recently appreciating what I have been missing. You see, I have a weird thing that I do with music. Someone who I know has excellent taste in music and who also knows what I like and don't like will tell me, "Hey you should check out this band they would blow your fucking mind." And I will take what they say and store it deep within my cerebellum for about oh I don't know 7 years or so. My friend Monte told me about Bjork and Ulver literally 7 years ago and I was like "Coo I'll check them out! First though, let me listen to this Static-X record again!" My friend Josh told me about Black Flag and Bad Religion when we were in middle school and I was like "Coo I'll check them out! First though, let me listen to this Primus record again! And play World of Warcraft for the better part of a decade and jerk off stalefish with my own tears of loneliness!" Those were simpler times, I was naive and I only regret missing out on years of cherishing these musicians. Fuck, Bjork is so good though guys. Don't fuck around about it anymore. It's weird and her vocals are certainly one of a kind and may be an acquired taste, but it's fucking mind melting it's so incredible.

Weird at it's finest.

Early days playing at Skelletones with
my first real band Cult of Reason. 
What else is going on in this failing republic. Let's see, well I finally got a new bass. I just replaced the factory strings they put on it,(They were garbage.) It took me 9 years to be able to afford an upgrade from my 2nd bass. Which was basically one step up from complete and total shithood. In fact, let me tell you about my bass journey. When I was 12 I got my first bass ever. I actually originally wanted to be a drummer, my dad played guitar and so did my brother. But when I went to the store I saw that drums were way too fucking expensive. The cheapest I could find were still 400 dollars. I wanted an instrument but didn't want to play guitar because I had to be different from my brother/father. So I ended up buying a 120 dollar bass guitar and a 60 dollar tiny little practice amp. For those of you who don't know much about music equipment, 120 dollars for a bass is basically like buying an 80 cent frozen turd. You get what you paid for. I had that bass for about 4 years and then on my 16th birthday I got my last bass. It was a huge leap forward from my first bass, but it was still a piece of shit. Practically the day I bought it, it went to work breaking itself. But alas, 9 years later I was finally able to acquire a nice bass that will hopefully last me another decade.  

As always, a Ruined update for the masses. We are playing with Planning for Burial in Muskegon March 30th which everyone should come out for his set and everyone else. We are working hard to make our set good but we are going to get blown out of the fucking water I have no denial of that. Otherwise we are playing the Death House here in Grand Rapids April 16th with The Funeral And The Twilight. I am glad to say I have played with that band almost every time they have come to GR and I am happy that tradition continues. Other than that, we don't have another show booked until our tour kick off show May 26th which I am trying to make a sort of mini-two piece fest. Tour booking is going okay but I could still use some help in a few places. Take a look at the tentative tour schedule below and if you could help in any way I would appreciate it and you can contact me at Thanks! Gloom on!

Mon. May 26th: Grand Rapids, MI- BOOKED @ The House Of Pancakes
 Tues. May 27th: Detroit/Ann Arbor, MI -Working
 Wed. May 28th: Cleveland, OH- HELP!!!
 Thur. May 29th: Buffalo, NY- BOOKED @ The Lair
 Fri. May 30th: Ithaca/Utica, NY - Working
 Sat. May 31st: Poughkeepsie/Albany , NY - HELP!!!!
 Sun. June 1st: Boston, MA – BOOKED @ The Democracy Center
 Mon. June 2nd: Somewhere, Connecticut - Working
 Tues. June 3rd: New York City, NY- BOOKED
 Wed. June 4th: Philadelphia, PA –Working
 Thur. June 5th: Pittsburgh, PA –Working
 Fri. June 6th: Columbus/Cincinnati, OH- BOOKED
 Sat. June 7th: Indianapolis/Anywhere, IN- HELP!!!
 Sun. June 8th: Champagne, IL –Working
 Mon. June 9th: Chicago, IL –Working
 Tues. June 10th: Kalamazoo, MI - Working