Thursday, July 11, 2013

Turd Syndrome, The Best Laugh Never Leaves Your Lungs, Sting Complex that's legitimate.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what constitutes a musician. Everyone has their own perceptions of what "good music" is and for the most part I think every person should be free to decide for themselves what they want to listen to no matter what anyone thinks. (Hence why I will die a Maggot.) But I can't ignore the fact that a lot of bands and musicians today are popular for the wrong reasons. Or perhaps they are doing the right thing, but are still only given attention for the wrong reasons. And I can't really explain it, but over the years I have gotten a pretty good sense about musicians and the relationships they have with there music. I have met some great people who are legitimate as fuck and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to play alongside them. But for every one of those people, I have met a lot of turds. For all I know I am probably also a turd. Maybe that's why I can sense turd so easily. But I can't help but feel envious for anyone who gets to play music as much as they can stand and in fact find financial support to do so. I just feel like something is slipping away for me. And if I don't figure it out soon I will just be a turd without a home. But I think it goes without saying that the best bands will never get the recognition that they deserve. And perhaps that is the way it is meant to be.

Too true. True till death. 
Part of what reminded me of this was the fact that tonight, one of the bands I toured all over Europe with will be playing their final show. It is hard for me to believe that they are moving on or most likely moving forward from a project that was able to tour as far East as Turkey, as far North as Sweden and back to JOLLY OLE ENGLAND . And I was just some yank boppin' over the pond to rock some gob with some gits. And yet, no projects I have been directly involved with have ever really found our place. And a lot of factors have come into play with that, but I can't help but feel disheartened over and over again. And my demands are pretty reasonable upon myself. If I could tour 4 months a year (at least) and maybe work in a potato mine the rest of the year I would feel for the most part satisfied. It just sucks that most people just don't want to dedicate that much energy to something like music. Now mind you, I love being as lazy as the next guy, but when I really click with someone I can't put my instrument down. I just haven't clicked in a while. It's just like that movie "Click" except I do die an old lonely miserable man who looks like Adam Sandler. Yep.

Wow, what a turd. 
All I ever do is complain about music on here so that should give you all a pretty good idea of my current state of mind. I am just a great admirer watching great musicians do great things from a distance. And I am also a disdainful bastard watching up close while descent music is bastardized by the cool kids of the underground. The Foot Clan of the sewers. The Seth Green's of "Can't Hardly Wait" World. Except they don't learn from their mistakes and end up being gentlemen. They just stay turds who wear yellow goggles and turd all over the place. Oh well, God Hates Us All.  

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