Thursday, September 4, 2014

Red By Mourning, Seattle Bound, No One Likes A Shitass

The right attitude. 
Nice and gloomy day here in Michigan! I was stirred from my sleep this morning by the sound of thunder and the drowning death-rattles of yuppies being swept away by the rising flood of rain like a caustic river through the ruptured thoroughfare and passageways of this fair city! Instead of being met by the unforgiving sea; our ill-fated friends spiraled beneath the very crust of the Earth herself deep into the 8th circle of Hell reserved for vapid frauds and were tucked away in the furthest cantos as Sowers of Discord! My compatriots and I shall laugh from our tall and vast cliff narrows in the 6th circle buried alive in our flaming tombs of heresy! It shall be glorious! Alas it would be, if any of it were true. The thunder part was true at least and that was nice. And as always I would like to remind you all of the beautiful dichotomy that we have the heartening experience of enjoying on days like today. As a person who hates going out into the world and most likely would feel completely at home building a fortress in the Mariana Trench with a high speed internet connection and a tour submersible; days like today are a Kerry King send. At this chapter of my life most people know not to bother with asking me to go do anything for any reason at any time, but the expectation is loosened even further on a day like today when no one wants to leave their prospective dwellings. My point being that gloomy, rainy and even shitty days should be celebrated with a reserved sense of reciprocity with the universe and the balance of our humors. A somber calm is just as important as a joyful exuberance.

"Opposition brings concord. Out of discord 
comes the fairest harmony. " -Heraclitus

Our gloom shall drink
your rivers dry. 
Now what else is happening in the desolate catacomb that is my life. I was feeling really sick and shitty yesterday at work. The night before I started feeling that sore and overall uncomfortable feeling you get when you have a cold or flu. Which of course made it impossible to sleep that night and I felt 10 times worst yesterday from it. I feel a lot better today though so that's coo. Otherwise I had to officially cancel a tour I was booking for Ruined this November. The pieces just were not falling into place, the main one being that I don't have a vehicle therefore short of having a gloom army carry us across the country like Xerxes in "300" it wasn't in the cards. I was hoping to have that situation remedied by now but you know how things go, once the craft beer starts flowing it is tough to save money living in Beer City USA. Which is why it is also understandable why not a single bourgeoisie shit-waffle can tip my shit-ass. Who can afford it when you have all these breweries popping up all over town like great obtuse obelisks beckoning you forward and taxing your resources away? Speaking of bourgeoisie, I have been watching the show "Frasier" a lot lately and I honestly think it's funny as fuck. It almost makes me want to move to the great Northwest Territory. It rains all the time, Wolves in the Throne Room are from there, and the pine trees outnumber the craft beer barbarians. At least from what I have been told.

I consider Ricky to be a sage of sorts.
I will admit I was disappointed having to cancel that tour. But I realized that there is no reason to be upset about something that is simply out of my control. I have been working the same job for the past 2 years and I am only just now feeling like I am getting on my feet. I still live check to check and have no intention of having a savings account any time soon. In fact I am under the presumption that I will always dwell in the proverbial shit-shack beneath the crushing capitalist citadels. But given the time I am confident I will sort something out for us. On the bright side we have been working on a music video that is coming along nicely. We recorded some footage last night that turned out pretty gloomy. I think editing that eventually will be a constructive use of my time and will distract myself from delving into my self-deprecating thoughts. I have also been trying to book some more shows around Grand Rapids and have not had much luck. I'd like to get a good repose going with the Michigan Gloom Alliance but it's slow going so far. Once again I feel like I am just rambling about nothing. I am fucking hungry. Sorry that this post was shitty people. Stay Gloomy.     

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