Thursday, February 5, 2015

Liquid Proof, Metaphysical Masquerade, A Gillian Reasons

Take it easy.
I took a 2 hour nap yesterday and then slept for almost 11 hours last night. I don't know if I am getting sick or just needed to catch up on sleep but I am feeling weird today. I am drinking Colombian coffee which I have decided is the shittiest region for coffee. I know that the region that coffee is grown has a big impact on the flavor of coffee but Colombian coffee is consistently shitty tasting to me regardless of the brand or expense. I don't know what it is, I am just a Guatemalan kind of sailor I guess. I wouldn't kick a Costa Rican out of bed neither. But I gave Colombian another shot and it let me down once again. Consider this is my proclamation of acrimony, I'm done with you Colombian coffee. Let's divide our BEANIE BABY COLLECTION and be done with it. I will keep Princess Diana Bear and all my other babies and you get fuck all. 

This really happened.
I know my collection is still
my retirement plan.
What a wonderful world.
I have been playing RPG's again lately. It was good to take a break and play other things like "Sim City" and "Sims 4" but I am back where I truly belong in the realm of spells and gear. I have talked about this before but let me take you into the thoughts I have when I am at work trying to combat the dilapidation of my mind. Let's say hypothetically when you die there is an afterlife, though any sort of conscious life after death is ludicrous but let's make believe and enter the world of fantasy. Take a page out of the Christian dogma and play pretend. What would you do with eternity? Or let me switch things up to be more realistic, you get to design your own Matrix! WOAH!!! That is way more pragmatic and I think we can all wrap our heads around that. So fuck the afterlife you are programming your own Matrix. What would your world be like? Mine would be something like this; it would be a breeding between the realm of old spells and incantations like Diablo, Elder Scrolls, and Lord of the Rings mixed with more modern universes like Final Fantasy, X-Men and Pokemon. Essentially I would like to spend my days in the Matrix slaying demons, mastering spells, wielding a gun-blade and catching Pokemon. I'd like to live in a medieval city that somehow also has high speed internet/indoor plumbing/central air and heat and yet somehow has only recently discovered gunpowder and dragons are a real nuisance. Of course the 4 or 5 people that I like in real life would be welcome in my new Matrix and we can slay together until our biological tethers give out and our life-force evaporates leaving our emaciated corpses for Dozer to clean up. Before that though we'd track down that Cypher dude in his own Matrix and fuck him up real good. Fuck that guy.

Yes, yes a thousand times yes.
In a lot of ways I have been absorbing the 90's once again like many people. I have been watching Friends, X-Files and 90's romantic comedies a lot recently. I know a lot of people look back at the good ole days and bask in the warm glow of everything that once was. And I wonder if in 20 years if people will be really into what's happening nowadays. It seems extremely unlikely to me because it's my belief that any identity or sense of character we once had fell alongside those towers in 2001. The 2000's were nothing, a decade of vapid scared people developing vacant and chagrin films, art and music. And now we are halfway through this decade and nothing seems much different. I know that like any rapid change a cultural revolution could always be waiting around the corner. I am not holding my breath though and for now I am comforted by looking back at what people before my own generation were able to create in a fluid and magnanimous environment like the 90's. Until then I suppose I am just going to shit all over everything and wait in the shadows. Yeah that sounds about right. Stay Gloomy.

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