Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pineapple Makes Everything Taste Better, Guts Punch Balls Throw Up, Only Two Things Open The Pit: Me and Saxophone

I really like pineapple. I can't remember a time that I didn't like pineapple. If someone were to ask me, "Hey Zach, do you like pineapple?" I would say, (in my mind,) "Oh my Kerry King, a human being is talking to me..." Then I'd probably puke pineapple juice onto their shoes and they would run away or beat me up. I am drinking a banana/pineapple smoothie if anyone's wondering where this came from.

I may be posting a new demo for a new song sometime in the next few days. Right now it is called "Sundials." I wrote a riff that sounded like a ticking clock and then I thought about the movie "Hercules" when that guy opens his jacket and you think he's flashing them but he's actually trying to sell a sundial. (See below.) A lot of Disney influence lately. Hmm... And then of course when Master Shredder Monte got his hands on it he wrote a fucking gnarly early Jesu sounding riff for the first part. Then just when you think your face is going to melt off your bones, he makes your flesh bond to your skull by making you cry uncontrollably and letting the icy wind of his licks freeze your tears. That young man has some mystic shit going on.

Otherwise I went to Kalamazoo to practice with my other band Tristram and hung out with my friend Captain Cuddles a.k.a. Richard. He might do some gloom saxophone for this project which I think would sound pretty awesome. It'll sound like "Us And Them" by Pink Floyd except I'll be weeping over the entire track talking about my feelings and Monte will be puking blood. I love Pink Floyd, I think most people in my age group who don't like them don't like them because it's not "punk" to like them. I think anything can be hyped too much though so I get that. I would open the gloom pit to some Floyd though. No shame. Shame is not punk.

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