Friday, December 21, 2012

Those Buds Are Going To Open The Fuck Up, They've Taken The Fuckheads To Isengard, Dream The Inside Dream My Own

Around this time of year in the North, people are always suffering from the changing of the season. All the plantation is dying and therefore so does their moods. As a child, this was the happiest time of the year for me. Both my birthday and Xmas were during the winter so I was groomed at an early age to see the snow as a sign of happier times. No school, presents and lots of sledding. As I have grown older though, a lot of the magic has faded and I do not look at things as wide eyed as I use to. But I do not include myself into the group I mentioned above. Though I don't necessarily like biking through the freezing rain or the piercing winds, I find myself embracing the bitterness of it all. While others prepare themselves for the winter ahead and wish for better days, I believe these are my best days. No one expects me to go out into the open air, no one mocks my pale skin, really in general everyone hibernates in their own cocoons allowing us mutants of the dark to reclaim our grey dreary skies and wet oil pavement. If only I didn't have to get up so early then I could appreciate the night more fully. C'est la vie.

On a lighter note, I have started watching Game Of Thrones just like every other asshole on the planet. I am kind of pissed that show is so popular though. I hate that what losers thought was cool just a short time ago is now hip to all the mouth-breathers of the the world. Frat guys play "Skyrim" and take a shot every time someone says something Elvish. Fuck that shit. God Hates Us All but they better fucking hate you the most.

Speaking of fantasy, I saw people praying in public today. Other people were trying to eat too. Gross.

P.S. Been listening to Between The Buried and Me nonstop lately. Oh and I might actually post that new demo I have been mentioning tomorrow. Or Sunday. Or sometime next week. I have to go to bed to get 5 hours of sleep maybe. And yeah I know there are so many tough people out there who do that every day blah blah blah. Sleep Forever.  

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