Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mastering Adequate, Feinting Goals, Boring Business

Hopefully this happens if I ever sign to a label. 
I am taking a short break from mixing so I figured I would update this shit. I am actually hoping to be done with Ruined's very first release by the end of the day today. I was planning on sitting on it and mixing it for the rest of the month but then I realized, that would go against my "Fuck it, do it live" ethos. I am a firm believer in not over-thinking when it comes to artistic projects. When I was in high school, I was really into non-objective painting. Obviously a lot of paintings in that style are garbage but I always liked Jackson Pollock and a few other artists. I found it exhilarating to add layer after layer of paint and really the potential is endless to create whatever you want. But it is more difficult then other styles of painting as far as knowing when you should stop. You could have something really cool on the canvas but if you add just even one more splash or layer you could ruin the whole thing. So that's why I think by the end of the day today I am probably just going to walk away from mixing and decide that it's good enough. One day when I am a rock star I can have some other jerk-off do all the mixing. Especially since I know only Jack and Shit about mixing and unfortunately Jack just left town.

I always liked this one. It's coo.
This is probably what will
actually happen.
As far as other Ruined plans go, this is my pipe dream list of goals that I have in mind for myself. Firstly I am going to put out this EP which I am calling "Vessel." It is 5 songs and barring some drastic changes it's just over 30 minutes long. I will probably be putting up the digital release on Bandcamp either today or in the next few days. I am broke as fuck right now so I am going to plan on doing a physical tape release hopefully by mid to late January. It will come with a lyrics booklet and a poster that I have been working on. It's nothing fancy but it's sort of cool. Then after that release, I have music recorded for a split I am doing but I am planning on adding another song to that one so I am not sure when that will be put out. Probably sometime in February or March. Details are vague on that at the moment. But otherwise I am planning on recording that extra song for the split and then immediately start working on an all guitar EP of another 5 songs I have cooking. I have no idea what I am doing for vocals or anything on that so that is a HUGE pipe dream at the moment but who knows. I plan on that having one song on electric guitar and all the rest on acoustic. Otherwise probably one more split after that and then I should probably start thinking about a full length finally after all of that shit. As far as gear goes, I have to get that new bass, a better bass rig and sooner than later I need to get a van. I want to play Grand Rapids a few times and then start touring as soon as possible.

Fuck businessmen.
Keep it real George.

Love this movie.
Now that all that boring music update bullshit is done with, what else is going on? Let's see...oh the crotch in my work pants has blown out really hardcore. Kind of turning into a denim thong really fast. I am waiting for a customer to pull me to the side and tell me, "Excuse me, your balls are showing. Bumble Bee Tuna!" What else, my hatred for humanity grows with every waking moment but hey what's new huh!? All these mouth breathers and business man assholes who are nothing but empty suits really piss me off lately. I find comfort in knowing that their lives are monotonous beyond comprehension though. My life is fucking boring but holy fuck I can't imagine what a day for them is like. "Hey Brett, did you hear about Alan down in corporate accounting? Well, he's been using "egg shell white" paper for years but now he has been using "vanilla cream" for his faculty memos. I know right? That's what Linda said. That Linda sure is something huh? Too bad we all have prostates the size of cantaloupes so our penises are nothing more than flaccid wet beef jerky strips. Jerky sounds good actually I am going to go down to the vending machine want anything?" Those sad fucks.  Also, I always have typos but if they have been worst lately it's because I spilled Wild Cherry Pepsi all over my keyboard and now it's all sticky. Specifically the "L" and "O" buttons are bad. And the quotation mark key is really fucking bad I just realized. So yeah, that's kind of driving me insane. AnywhoooOO''''l''OoLLLLl""l"""'''ll''oo Olll''''"''L"OOloLLoO"""''' FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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