Thursday, January 9, 2014

Growing Up/Gazing Down, Tape Warm, Lightning Thrashes

I find affinity with so few people. This sailor is one of them
This is us rocking a skate-shop in Dearborn, MI 1/10/2012
Credits: Kenny Corbin for the photo
Good morning one and all! I would like to start by taking yet another opportunity to wish my dear sweet friend Graham Henning a happiest of birthdays today. On a planet with 7 billion fucking mouth-breathers Kerry King saw fit to grace us with at least one good soul amongst the decay. Unfortunately Procession was supposed to play a show 3 days ago in Detroit, but due to the extreme weather conditions we were unable to see that come to fruition. Despite being unable to play, I am hoping that it lit a flame within us all to perhaps get that band off the ground again. Next time we all have to go to NYC and meet Graham instead of him coming out to the Murder Mitten. His Capricorn heart can only take so much disappointment. It's time we bring the shoegaze battle to his doorstep.

This was a video I took of my neighbor
getting their paper the day of the defunct show.
It was fucking cold.
"It's not much, but it's mine."
My father's opening statement at
Father/Son Day in elementary school.
Otherwise, in the world of other music, the first 15 tapes for the Ruined EP "Vessel" are hot and fresh as of yesterday when I got home from work. It took me twice as long because I am recording each tape in real-time onto a 4-Track tape deck. And I apparently had only one track recording when I was supposed to have two tracks recording. Got to the very last tape and found that out. I was listening to the recordings through some old headphones my dad gave me that are from the late 70's/early 80's so I just assumed it sounded empty because the headphones were broken. Turns out I am just a fucking moron. So I had to go back and re-record every tape with two tracks instead of one. Also I recorded it off of my computer which always has that Avast anti-virus lady pop up and says loudly "Your virus database has been updated!" So if one of you gets a tape and that happens at random I apologize. Consider it like a miss-stamped coin from the U.S. Mint. A fucked up coin is worth hundreds of dollars depending on the rarity. So yeah, that shit will be Ebay gold one day. "Selling the very first tape release from the world renowned band Ruined. Features extremely rare guest vocal track from the Avast anti-virus lady. My kids are starving, the ONLY reason I would sell such a relic. Damn you children..." But I do have plans to do an online release soon I just have such few tapes available right now. I am also planning on sweetening the deal with some added goodies for the online release to help ease the pain of shipping and handling and all that junk. I want my friends abroad to be able to have something special since they probably won't see us live for a while. I would say to anyone who is interested in ordering the tape online to keep an eye out sometime mid to late next week.

Just like our live sets.
Speaking of playing live, we are playing a show this weekend! We hopped on a few days ago but we are playing The House of Pancakes here in Grand Rapids on the 11th. Apparently it is going to be a benefit for the DAAC relocation fund. (If you are unfamiliar with what is happening with the DAAC, check out an earlier blog I posted HERE.) It is pretty cool to be a part of something like that and though it is regrettable that the touring band is unable to play the show anymore, it's also neat that all local bands will be playing in support of local D.I.Y. music. Full circle baby. Unfortunately as of right now we still only know the two songs that we played at our last show. But I am hoping to pull out a new one if we can practice tomorrow and the day of the show. I also mentioned this already, but I really need to get a van. I am getting show offers for out of town shows and I want to play them so fucking bad but logistically we just are missing pieces to our rock and roll puzzle. I am planning on filing my taxes the moment that I get the documents I need from work and then I am buying a van the moment I get that tax return money. Assuming I get anything back, if not I am kind of fucked. But I am pretty confident I will. Once we have a van, the world will seem much smaller, and a lot gloomier. 

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