Monday, January 20, 2014

Jealous Again, These Splitzels Are Making Me Thirsty!, Shit List

I have felt like both of these guys lately.
I have a lot of things I want to get done today so I am going to try and be brief. Or I will just end up ranting for a long time and aggressively checking and re-checking my spelling/grammar. (It's never quite aggressive enough, just like any nu metal material I have ever written.) As always music has been on my mind lately. I saw that Cloud Rat/Thou are going on a tour in April where they will be playing 27 shows in 19 days. Seems impossible to pull off but they will do it and they will do it well. As always I saw this and became crippled with envy and immediately picked up an instrument and started practicing. I have mentioned this before but it is sometimes not only a hassle to go to local shows, but a bit of a phobia for me. Especially if I am not playing the show. I become so overwhelmed with an anxious desire to do what these bands are doing that I just want to go home and practice till I bleed. Which some people may describe as "inspiration" but I sometimes find myself losing sleep over it. I am a firm believer in the "Shit Or Get Off The Pot" lifestyle, but I am also a believer in the "Fuck It, We'll Do It Live" ethos. Despite my musical jealousies I wish all my fellow road warriors a safe and promising journey to the land of hopes and dreams. I shall meet you again thereafter in the Undying Lands.

I have been in a big Neil Young mood lately.
This satisfies both urges.

I had a soft pretzel last night. Oh Drew...
Despite my musical hangups, this year has actually already been quite productive for me. By the end of February, I will have played as many shows this year as I did all of last year. Which is pretty fucking sad for me, but perhaps I just needed a year to get my mind ready for the trials that lay ahead. I actually switched around all of my plans the other day for the near future of Ruined. I had three songs set aside for a split with my friend Monte's project Palm Hands, but now I have decided to record five songs I was planning to release as an EP months from now and put that on the split with him. And the material I planned on using on the Palm Hands split will now be put on the Ruined/Knifedoutofexistence split I am doing with my friend Dean. I wanted to do this so I could free myself up after these splits to focus on releasing a possible full length eventually. I wanted to start sending the Vessel EP out to record labels and see where that takes this. Otherwise I also have to re-record vocals for the Procession material we recorded last February. (Fuck it's been that long already? Fuck...) Needless to say, I should probably get the fuck off of here and get started on that shit.

For anyone interested though, this is a list of the shows that Ruined has lined up and a possible show we're playing at the end of March. Hopefully while we are between shows in March we can acquire a van and start booking weekend tours or maybe even a more long-ass tour in late summer early fall. Kerry King willing.

This happens at every show we play. 
1/26/2014- @ The House Of Pancakes with Cloakroom, Carbonleak and Sweet Cobra
2/16/2014- @ The House Of Pancakes with Dangers and 1846
2/28/2014- @ The Waffle Haus with Palm Hands, A Glow Has Been Drained From My Heart, I Made You Myself and Other Masquerades (Ruined/Palm Hands split release show!)
3/30/2014- @ Somewhere in Muskegon. This is a maybe right now so no promises. 

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