Thursday, February 6, 2014

Party Till You Gloom, Grandpa's Guitars, I Am So Out Of Tune With Me

Been there. 
Been a while since I have updated this thing. I have been pretty busy at home with my various hobbies and passions. You know: coprophilia, potato petting and dangerous winking. Those aside I have been working on music for Ruined's split with Palm Hands that I have mentioned over and over again and you are all about to puke from hearing about it again. Well get your purses open because here comes some Ruined talk. As of right now I have 6 songs, each of them written and recorded using an acoustic guitar that I acquired not long ago. I have wanted my own acoustic guitar ever since I was 15 and learned my first song "Rocky Raccoon." Took me 10 years to finally get one.  "But I being poor have only my dreams..."

Doing this split has been well outside my comfort zone. I love playing acoustic guitar but I have never been very good at writing vocals with acoustic style music. Which is so bizarre because so many people do it all over the world. Every coffee house open mic night has 27 shit-sharks doing that shit with no problems at all. I think it is difficult for me partly because of the respect I have for singer/songwriter style musicians. Jeff Tweedy, Jeff Mangum, Neil Young, Don Mclean, Simon and Garfunkel are all on just a whole different level of musicianship. I can't even begin to fuck with what they are shoveling. But I realized that even though I do not have the artisan ability of musicians like them, I don't really want to sound the way they do. So I ended up drawing most of my inspiration for this release from other masters of the macabre: Ulver, Mournful Congregation and Wolves in the Throne Room. Some of my favorite parts of their music is the acoustic breaks and the eerie vocal chanting. So if you end up listening to this release and thinking, "Wow, this fucker totally just ripped these guys off." Well, what can I say? You are probably right. This split was meant to be more so for shits and gigs and to have some fun with a dear old friend, so I don't plan to hype it too much or to play the songs live too often. But I will probably play one or two of them at the split release show that we have booked at the end of this month, February 28th at the Waffle Haus.

"The once harmonious strings that bind the universe,
Have been tuned to discord..."

Every damn day.
Lately I have felt a longing for simple moments. I was reading back on my journal a bit last night and on February 5th of 2012, Procession had played a couple of shows in Boston and New York and I was watching "Escape From New York" in Graham's apartment in New York and eating Odwalla bars that Mike had dumpstered days prior. I was waiting for the next cheap bus ride that could take me back to Michigan. I was at work yesterday and thought about a time I was at a Starbucks in Chicago with Richard and he was doing homework. I just sat and tried not to laugh at the ridiculous conversation that this group of old hippies were having about how if we just had more bike lanes the world would be a perfect place. I don't really have a point to this section, I guess I just miss being able to sit and read and just exist without having to worry about the realities of my economic and spiritual dilemmas. I think we all miss things like that but I need to get busy living. Should probably start by getting off of here and doing something productive. 

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