Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back To Fat Zach, Weird Times At Derpmont High, Anti-Climactic

I have been getting back in touch with 15 year old Zach. I have been listening to a lot of bands that I loved when I was younger, specifically Poison The Well, Dillinger Escape Plan and most recently System of a Down. I remember seeing them live with my dad and brother years ago. I remember when they played "Mr. Jack" and right when the "FUCK YOU PIG!!!" part came giant flashing lights spelled that out while everyone screamed along. I forgot all about it until the song came on my playlist at work. I pretty much dropped everything and opened up an alone pit in the kitchen. I love the comradeship that goes with having a COMMON ENEMY. With all of this talk of drones being used to track down fugitives and "anti-terrorism drills" being used to acclimate people to officers with automatic weapons it's nice to know some people are willing to be coo. I wish I was coo. People are always trying to contend with things like, "Fuck God, Fuck Cops, Fuck Beer, Fuck Drugs, Fuck Meat, Fuck Cheese, Fuck Honey, Fuck Meany-heads." I will never understand defending people who are having no problem defending themselves. But damn, that is a lot of fucking, I will give you all that. "Lighten up bra!" That's what my pappy used to say to me. Shit, if' you're Jesus Christ, I'll be the fucking Anti-Christ. Shit...

On a similar topic, remember when I had jury duty like a month ago? Of course you don't, why would you read this shit? Anywho, one of the lawyers who told me to fuck off after I told them I was a lunatic, I see that dude all the time now. He comes into my work with all of his buds. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but now whenever I walk up to the table I always get this sense that he was like "Hey you guys see that guy? That guy with the big stupid face? That kid is kooked out of his dome cuz. Shit..." I feel like he has to remember me, I'm sure he sees people all the time but I said some crazy ass shit. I am only becoming more and more misanthropic as time goes on. I am Steve Buscemi but twice as ugly.

Otherwise, I don't really have much more to say. I get to leave the state again very soon so that is nice. Probably going to freeze, starve and rot. God Hates Us All. 

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