Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kiwi Chameleon, Sorry For The DELAY Delay delay, Sun Worship Vs. Joe Pesci

I've been really into kiwis lately. I have always liked kiwis but they are so damn good. They are juicy and sweet and then the seeds are like little puffy rice krispies. Pretty fucking gnarly. I need to start eating better, I woke up this morning to go to work and it felt like a spiked flail was going through my lower intestine. I could only walk if I bent my back forward and limped around. Shit sucked. Was shitty. Shitty sucky. I basically just GRAB KIWIS and watch MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE lately.

In other news, my band TRISTRAM is going on tour next week. We play Grand Rapids the 14th, Milwaukee the 15th, Chicago the 16th and Bloomington the 17th. I am especially because I just recently acquired a delay pedal. So things are going to sound way sadder and feel ten times gloomier. I can't believe it has taken me this long to get a delay pedal, if anyone on Earth should have a delay pedal it's this cowboy. Longing will be so brutal now, oh yeah Longing is still alive. That's such a cool name, I am glad Monte came up with that. Just sums up everything so well. But in honor of entering the realm of echoes, at work today I only listened to bands that use a lot of delay. Started with the Envy/Jesu split. "A Winter Quest For Fantasy" is easily in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Then a lot of This Will Destroy You and Pelican. Then eventually it spilled into the theme music for the Final Fantasy games. Which ruled. Speaking of echoes, remember Ecco the Dolphin? What a creepy fucking cool game. My dad was so good at that game. One of the creepiest soundtracks ever.

It's a Sunday and everything is fucking closed. I will never understand that shit. I think having a day off for the people working at these places is cool, but the reasoning behind it is just moronic. When I was in England, nothing was closed on Sundays including liquor stores. We asked our git brothers why nothing was closed and they were confused by the question. Everything is secular as shit over there and cops can't carry guns. Fucking paradise. That's one more reason I love Tristram, we don't have to hide who we are or how we feel about things. I have had talks with friends in the past about being open to different belief systems within a scene, and for the most part I agree with this. But I also think you can walk 10 feet and find acceptance for your Christian beliefs, while us heathens have to wander the streets isolated and disenfranchised. So I think there is a time and place for everything, and dogmatic obedience has no place in my proximity. A person who asks for freedom is nothing but a servant dragging broken chains. In summation, I like mocking belief systems and attacking institutionalized ethos. All while playing some hopefully evil and gloomy tunes. I believe we are a part of a greater wisdom, we will ever understand. THE BIG ELECTRON be with you.

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