Friday, March 1, 2013

GlooM-on-Day, Fuck You Kill Crew, Is Tumblr Coo?

I am already getting excited to practice with Longing on Monday. (And Tristram...) But yeah Longing is so cool! We practiced last Monday and it went really well aside from my bass being a giant pile of shit like it always is. We started working on a newer one titled "Not Worth Having." Lyrically that is one of my favorite songs, because it's really brutal but nerdy at the same time. Just like me. But it looks like Monday's are going to be our days of sorrow. Did you like that title for this section? GlooM-on-Day? Like "Let's get our gloom on! On Monday!" I was also thinking "Gloo-Monday" would have been good. Like that New Order song "Blue Monday." Or that Orgy song "Blue Monday." Those songs sound really similar to me. I want to start a band called Nu Order. I'd get down with the sickness with that band.

I have had a much shorter fuse at work lately. There are some really fucking dumb people. Sometimes I will find myself just staring at the wall and I realize that I hate pretty much everyone and then I want to puke blood. Like bar rats, I fucking hate bar rats. Yuppie bar rats are even worst. What about hipster yuppie bar rats? Huh? Ain't that some shit. Even worst, vegan environmentalists who come in 5 minutes before close. Total tofu annihilation. As a vegan straight edge warrior, I should let you all know that I hate 98 percent of anyone who identifies with either of those things. But I hate 99.4 percent of anyone who eats rum ham so I guess that's coo. Joe Moon is my father and Ryan Brady my mother. Richard Hackler is my smelly uncle and Graham Henning is my brother. Codi is my smelly aunt and Monte Davis Jr. is my God. Praise him.

What else do I want to whine about...hmm...Oh lately this thing has been happening where it hurts to breath. My left ribs, throat, back and arm hurt really badly. Oh I started a TUMBLR if anyone gives a shit. So far it is just really confusing but I am kind of an internet moron. 

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