Monday, March 4, 2013

Well I Wonder, Nailed To The Static-X, New Longing Song

Do you ever wonder about how you were conceived? Does that ever cross your cerebellum? Do you wonder if your parents were listening to music? And if so, do you wonder what song was playing right at the moment of conception? I wonder about this all the time. I just ponder away at this day and night. Realistically my guess would have to be on Scorpions or Judas Priest. But maybe Thin Lizzy, or Pink Floyd would totally be possible. That would explain my addiction to dad rock. If you're wondering why Jeff Tweedy is next to this is because I Googled "dad rock" and this popped up. Sad but true. Dad rock for life. Jeff Tweedy is coo.

Anywho, I have mentioned it before but I have been building an ever growing nu metal playlist at work and I gotta say it is turning into a fucking masterpiece. Slipknot, Deftones, Kittie, Mudvayne, System of a Down, Deadsy and of course Static-X among others. Primarily the record "Roots" by Sepultura has been rocking my fucking shit so hard. I had somehow forgotten how fucking heavy this record is. I worked out to that record yesterday and it got me so fucking pumped that I ended up eating a baby as a sacrifice to Korn the band and Khorne the God of Blood. (Sorry, I know baby isn't vegan. They all break eventually so fuck it.) Anywho, Sepultura fucking rules and that's about all I give a shit about in this post.

In the Longing camp, I wrote a demo for a new song that I am pretty satisfied with. It needs some Monte magic and Codi crashes but overall I think it's solid. You can check out a demo for it HERE. The song itself is about a day dream I had at work. I was alone in the back most of the day doing prep and washing dishes. And for some reason I got caught imagining a horrible situation and how I would react to it. I imagined being on tour, or in some unfamiliar place and by chance witnessing someone trying to rape another person. I thought about this and how it is one of the few situations where I would completely lose any restraint I could possibly have. I would do horrible things to the attacker, things that I would possibly regret later on no matter how justified I felt. But I would just react and everything in me would create a scene from a horror film. Then I snapped out of it and realized I had just been pacing back and forth on auto-pilot. Even as I type this I am anxious and on guard. But anyways, if you still read this far, sorry that link above didn't go to a Longing demo. I have recently learned to keep things like that to myself until they are finished products. But fuck yeah, Sepultura. That's my fucking anthem, "Live your life, leave me alone!"  

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