Thursday, October 31, 2013

You Say Potato, I Say Fuck It, Pensive Patience

I was thinking about potatoes a few minutes ago. I am currently frying up some potatoes to make potato burritos and I thought about how over the years this dish has become one of my favorite meals. And not to toot my own bah-gerp, but I can sherp a potato burrito like it ain't no derp. And perhaps it is the spooky nature of today being Halloween or watching too much X-Files again but I thought about a likely scenario: What if someone broke into my home and tied up me and all my roommates and at gun point demanded a damn fine potato burrito or they would execute us one by one? I must say in that situation, I would feel pretty relieved. I just hope they would make me go first. But there would be a lot of pressure still though, potatoes can be a sweet but cruel mistress. You have to have just the right amount of heat, just the right amount of seasonings and you have to have the right ingredients for sure. Firstly, it's olive oil or fuck all. Vegetable oil may be fine for Fucky McFuckSwing but that shit is abominable. Also as many of you know, there are many varieties of potato. Russet potatoes are tried and true and in a pinch, they are sufficient. But they lack the fortitude of other potatoes. They get mushy really easily and don't brown very well. But in the lowest valleys of my life, russet potatoes have been a loyal ally in my battle towards survival. Red skin potatoes are probably my second favorite potato so far. Once again, they are not my favorite though for frying, because they also get a little loose. But they definitely hold the compliment of dill really well for potato salads and they have a natural creaminess that makes them great for mashed potatoes and soups. But my personal favorite would have to be Solanum Tuberosum, also known as a good ole fashion Michigan white potato for all you good ole boys and girls. Just a nice all purpose potato with all the bells and whistles a country gal or guy like me could dream of. Just thinking about those potato plants being swept with that cool moist Great Lakes air brings a tear to my eye. Delicious and comforting, if only intercourse would produce such affirmations.

This is a comic I drew a while back. Upon review, I may have had some self esteem issues. 

"We'll do it live, fuck it!" -My life motto
Now that I have eaten my sustenance I am preparing for a long day of recording. As of right now the song I am working on is about fifteen minutes long. With doing multiple takes and layers, I am not certain if I will be done by the end of the day. Going into this endeavor I have a desire to make it sound really good and as professional sounding as possible, but I also don't want to lose that "Fuck it, do it live" attitude. I will probably do maybe two takes and say "Fuck it" and then spend many hours mixing and fixing what I fucked up by only doing two takes. That's the "Doing it live" part. The shitty thing is I wish I had a nice analog tube amp. I was listening to "Two Hunters" by Wolves In The Throne Room last night on vinyl and was just blown away by there sound. The song "Cleansing" also just fucks me up almost every time I hear it. To imagine being able to sing that beautifully seems celestial and unattainable. Mastery of instruments is very physical and also can seem ethereal beyond comprehension, but the power of voice is something else all together. That is such an internal, inborn trait that I can't help but feel that each and every person who can sing like that has been gifted with the grace of Kerry King.

On a more somber note, I have been listening to the song "Light and Solitude" by Envy a lot lately. It has been making me feel very pensive and nostalgic. The nostalgia is being drawn from how this song reminds me of Final Fantasy every time I listen to it. Envy is one of those bands I just appreciate and lovingly accept the gifts they have bestowed upon me. I draw a lot of inspiration from a lot of bands including Envy, but unlike other bands, I am not envious of Envy. Other bands I listen to and I want to strive to do what they are doing. I want to be them. But when I listen to this song, I just think about all of the musicians in that band and how it was just a matter of luck and perhaps fate that brought them all together. The way the guitar melodies caress the air and encapsulate the
senses. And the drums just make all the right hits in all the right places cascading you deeper and deeper into another dimension of thought. And I highly suggest looking up the lyrics of Tetsuya Fukagawa, they are nothing less then poetic genius. I have no ambition of ever creating something as perfect as this song or this band. I don't possess the collective power that this band and many other bands have. I hope to one day maybe be a part of something greater then myself as a piece of an incredible band like this. But to try and achieve something that amazing on my own is just futile. So I guess when I begin recording today, I am doing it with a humble heart. And though I am going to do my utmost to create something great, I am just one creature beneath the sun. One beast above the soil. For now.

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