Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cerberus Cerebration, Misappropriated Misanthropy, Holy Pit

I have a lot to complain about today so I will give you all a brief overview of my life since the last time I posted on here. I have been listening to several different records lately: "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel, "Superunknown" by Soundgarden and "Frigid Stars" by Codeine have been plays at work for this cowboy. Specifically the song "4th of July" by Soundgarden is totally rocking my shit. Heavy as fuck and the lyrics are incredible. I haven't been playing my bass nearly as much as I should despite acquiring a new combo practice amp for my room. I am hoping to practice a bit on my own before practice with Sky today, I have been slacking off at learning vocal parts I wrote weeks ago. I have been playing acoustic guitar a lot lately though so that has been nice. I have been reading old Guitar Worlds that I had from when I was in high school whenever I go to the bathroom. I was reading an interview with Jack White from 2004 (blows my mind that it's been 10 years since the first time I read the article.) But he talks about how he has always thought of things in three's with The White Stripes music and life. Hence the red, white and black color scheme they use and also the rhythm, melody and lyricism of their music. I think I am kind of similar in a way. I enjoy putting myself in a box and seeing what I can create within the confines of that box. Other times I start with a box and I end up smashing it to pieces. Either way, it seems to work every now and then. It is almost impossible for me to not write a song that sounds gloomy though. Even if the music is very major sounding I always end up crying over it like a turd. A big whiny turd pterodactyl.

This made me laugh so hard.
Man after my own heart. 

Lately I have been thinking about identity. I have been reflecting about the things I identify with and also trying to understand the way others identify with their respective "scenes" and the contradictions within those scenes. For example, I consider myself a misanthrope which by definition means that I probably shouldn't identify with any groups whatsoever and yet I do so from time to time. But even the fact that I affiliate myself with a group of people who hate humanity and that the definition of such a group has been developed and refined by wiser people than I over several centuries seems like a laughable contradiction. Basically I relate to people who hate people, which shouldn't make sense and yet it works. But I have found misanthropy and hatred to be wonderful forms of seclusion that help to divorce myself from the distraction of vapid people. Whereby from the cleansing ashes of my volcanic hatred a vast clearing is made for fertile soil where I can let my love germinate and the roots of that love can grow deep into the crust of prosperity. I most certainly love fewer people, but I find that I love them fully and more genuine than most. The point I am making is that don't try to talk yourself out of hating someone if you do, and focus on loving the few people you do love. As always though, I am a shit shingle clinging to the roof tar of a desolate domicile abandoned long ago when people had perspective and character.

"After coming into contact with a religious man
 I always feel I must wash my hands"
-Friedrich Nietzsche
On the subject of hate though, here is a rant for all of you. A subject I always try to ignore but given enough time I begin to choke on the bubbling furor of my hatred. Apparently though this is an issue that still has not been resolved and most likely never will. But that's no reason to decline an invitation to join the fun! For those of you who don't live in Grand Rapids I will explain our fair "community" with four words: Christian "Punks" & Craft Beer. I put quotation marks around "Punks" because there is no such thing as a Christian "Punk." For the sake of simplicity I will continue to use that taxonomy but being Christian is not fucking punk. I didn't make the rules I just abide by them. Now this begs the question of defining what "being punk" is, and that is a greater question for another time. But I will surmise this account by simply using the analogy that though we may not know what "being punk" is, we all know what "being punk" is NOT. But back to the Bubonic business of Christianity within a music scene. First of all, when the entire hardcore or D.I.Y. ethos came to fruition all those years ago I was not there. But I also know God wasn't making zines or turning police batons into bubble gum either. Underground music was a complete negation of popular thought and theology. That's why it was so good, there was so much to be pissed off about and it spread like unholy wildfire. But regardless I understand social science and I know that things evolve and in fact should evolve. So now we are here in modern day and what a sad sight we see. A bunch of God boys coming around ruining everyone else's black mass mosh pits and potluck blood orgies. Now once again a scene should be tolerant (not accepting: the language is important) of many different ideologies and life paths. People should always be tangled in vicious trust within a scene. It is abhorable to have everyone in a scene accept everything and confront nothing. That's why misogynists, homophobes and racists wonder freely among us, and Christianity is an umbrella for all of these people. More to the point though, I have felt the sting of exclusion from this topic because of my hatred of Christianity. As if I am the fucker because I make the shitty Seraphim uncomfortable. My final point is this you children of the innocuous light; you have the Earth, the sky and the rest of eternity to live within your delusions. Leave the underground and the dark spaces to us heathens. We don't need you and we don't want you. Go play with your invisible father figure and leave your musical mechanisms behind. We need them to warm our veiled fortresses and feed our hungry hearts. Stay Gloomy, Remain Fallen.  

"Cool in the waterway, where the baptized drown."  

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