Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cactus Zach, Maggot B & B, Drink My Whine

I wish I could have a cage match
with every shitass customer I meet.
Been feeling restless lately. Having trouble sleeping and been more irritable at work and at home. I have been drinking more coffee and not working out the past week which is probably what the issue is. I haven't felt like this since I was a little boy and I got "Jello Legs" after a tubing trip I went on with my dad. Then I spent the whole night waking my mom up because I was terrified of being alone at night. Kerry King bless her for watching Winnie The Pooh Bear with me until I fell asleep. It's tough staying motivated sometimes, especially when you are always burnt out after work both physically and mentally. I know I talk about stupid people a lot, but I meet some real space cadets day to day. For example a meat-head fuck-shitter came in the other day. At my work we give out numbered CD discs so that we can bring your order out to you when it's ready. I rang up this confounded self-tanning turd-tarantula and handed him a numbered CD-R and he says to me, "Is this my receipt?" These are the cesspool gargoyles that I deal with daily. And they all vote.

Other than "Heretic Anthem," 
this is my anthem. 

Seeking tenants like this.
I have been trying to be less of a shit-kicker though. I have been working on a guest bedroom in my house to hopefully become a place where touring bands can stay and eat a nice vegan meal. I normally would be more apprehensive about opening my home to strangers but in my experience touring bands are usually courteous and grateful to have a place to stay. I work early and I live in a sober house so I feel like most of the shitbag bands will probably prefer to sleep on the floor of a party house. But I am hopeful that musicians like me will enjoy having a quiet spot to hunker down after a night/several nights of constant socializing and late night noises. I hate that shit when I am on tour. Despite my misanthropy I usually enjoy talking to people after a show especially since my adrenaline is usually pumping. In fact I have been told that people have trouble even getting a word in with me after a show. Even though before the show I sulk in the nearest shadowy crevasse muttering to myself about how shitty the show will be and then I am almost always pleasantly surprised. You gotta set the bar EXTREMELY low for every single show. If no one throws feces at me, it's been a good night. But unfortunately the venue situation in Grand Rapids is really shitty right now. If you don't want to play a bar then Grand Rapids is kind of a shit-box. So I'm not really sure if my pad will be used that much but I feel like it's worth a shot.

Ruined mosh pit.
Otherwise I have been whining about how I can't get a local show for Ruined to save my life but then last night I got us on a show that was being booked for August 20th at Spoke Folks here in GR. So I guess all that whining actually paid off in the end. Otherwise I am looking into some possible fests that we could play in the next few months but of course we are limited by our transportation issues still so who knows what will happen with that. I have a bad feeling that I won't be able to remedy that until I get my tax returns next spring which would fucking honk major shit-hammers. But I guess until then I will just fuck around Gun Rule for a while and maybe get a gloom fan base going around here. I am not holding my breath for that but who knows maybe some emotive emu's like me will wanna get down on some gloom. I did write/record a new song today that turned out alright. It's an old song I wrote 2 years ago that I improved upon and polished up a bit. All in all, I really phoned this post in again guys so sorry if you have read this far already. I am fucking hungry again like always and I get distracted by that. Anywho, God hates us all and shit. Merp.
The next show we're playing.

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