Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Acid Breeds Reflection, Zombie Wood-Chipper Paradise, B As In Boys Are Better Bloodied

Remember in Fight Club where Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are on the subway and they have a conversation about how self-improvement is masturbation and self-destruction is...oh wait here's the clip.

I agree and disagree with this. For the most part I was probably the long haired dude who bumped between them, but I would also take a moment and squeeze a pecs or two on my way through. I only thought about this because I am trying to convince myself to work out right now. I have been trying to take care of myself at least physically. Then I could worry about taking care of myself emotional at my own pace. But it is interesting to think about. Why do we make strides to keep in shape aside from just life expectancy? I think in a lot of cases self-destructive behavior can be cathartic. I know I grow more after I have really fucked myself over. So why do I continue with the repetition of physical activeness? To be more attractive? I have found nothing more masochistic then the afflictive motivation of sex. History has already paved the road for me to be ashamed of being a man for the rest of my days, but to be an aberration of appetite is something I have to keep in check for the sake of all others who have the chance/luck/capabilities of finding a sustainable happiness. I don't really know if that exists but a lot of people seem to believe that it is out there somewhere. I also don't really know what my point is, I rant more than I work out. I guess I just envy people who can be around people without any hesitations or hidden sorrows. 

Well I guess I should probably do some push-ups so that my emaciated corpse can look lean and toned when the zombie apocalypse happens, then I will be surrounded by people who really want to get to know me. So much so that they want to eat my face. I really want to tour. I swear I am far more chipper on the road. 

P.S. Beyonce is amazing. 

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