Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bait And Switch, American Sigh, Gopher Turd

I just got home from work. WHAT A DAMN DAY. Things were going smooth then this fucker comes at me with some sass. Check this shit out. This shit-squeeze orders a "café au lait" which is hot milk and coffee. Not soy milk, not almond milk, Kerry King damn normal ass shithead blood diamond milk. Mine as well have camel tears and piranha piss in it. What a fucker. Anywho, he says our coffee mugs are too small so I suggest putting it in a to-go cup because it's easily 4 oz. bigger than the mugs. He says fine and shitbags his merry way to his table. Minutes later, I bring him his shit, and he has this look of "what the fuck" painted on his skull and I ask "is something wrong sir?" And he replies, "I thought it was going to be bigger than that." I offered to make him a larger one and he said in a shit-herder tone "I don't want to wait any longer." What a fuck-churner. People are fucking dumb. Especially privileged pogo-shitters who have never had to serve anyone in their whole life. I will obey.

On that topic, what is with all of these white people running around in East Grand Rapids? For those of my readers who are unfamiliar with Gun Rule, East Grand Rapids is actually one of the most prominent places in the entire country and East Grand Rapids High School is where the creators of the "American Pie" film series are from. Just to give you a jumping off point for visualizing what that area is like. But I swear that every time I drive through it, white people are just frolicking. Laughing and singing with gumdrop smiles. The rest of the world is burning alive but these people are just free and joyful with piercing white teeth. This is what safety creates. Too much safety is never a good thing. I should say, the illusion of safety is never good. Makes you weak, predictable, jaded and an asshole like the person I described above.

Otherwise, I am hoping to finally get some bass playing done today. I am feeling a nap developing though so I may need to get that out of the way. I really have nothing more to add other than I think Topher Grace is kind of a turd. My gut just tells me he's a turd. I can almost taste turd when I hear his voice. 

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