Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Click Click Boom!, All Seeds Are Tainted, Master Shredders

I just walked home from a show. It was a very short distance but I didn't notice until I was halfway that I had left my earplugs in and both my hands were burdened. But it actually became very surreal. All I could hear was my own breathing and I could see my exhales. And I started to think that this is how it is portrayed in movies from the prospective of a victim of a gunshot. I thought about the ending scene in Leon the Professional. Here's a clip if you haven't seen it = SPOILER!!! Sad ass shit.  I didn't have fear in my heart though, I felt a great peace wash over me.

Otherwise I took in as much socializing as I could bare and then left. I got to stand between two of my favorite people though. We talked about moshing and old times. Really the only two things I ever want to talk about aside from gloom. I try to get along with most people but those two guys always fill me with what some might say resembles joy and genuine appreciation for them being exactly who they are. It was nice to be reminded that though most men are pieces of shit there are a few decent souls out there. That being said we should all be killed still. We've done enough. Kill God and all of his sons. Only mildly related, but my life-mate Richard showed me this picture earlier and it was probably the funniest fucking thing I have seen in a really long time. This is what the internet should be used for.

I also always remember that I will always be a bassist. Bass is so much more fun to play then guitar. I enjoy playing guitar but there is just something special about bass. I have been playing bass since I was 12 so I think it is just a part of me now. Feels totally natural in my hands. My dad and I watched Prince play guitar once and my dad said, "It's like socially acceptable masturbation." That is kind of how I feel about playing bass. Especially if Monte is there to puke acid blood. I have no right playing guitar with that dude in existence. I thank the chasm of the universe every day that our paths aligned. As well as so many great musicians I have had the privilege to play with over the years. Like this dude in the clip below. What a fucking beautiful specimen. I just think about my heroes and cry that they are my friends. I am being way too thankful in this post. Darkness will consume as all. Happiness dies. You get it. 

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