Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Abandon All Bandoning, Uncle Buck's Back, Arrested Digression

I love this movie, but it really has nothing to
do with anything right now. Coo...
You know what is really frustrating? Trying to think of a fucking band name. I spent a good chunk of the day thinking about band names and every time I thought of a decent one that I thought was obscure enough to not be taken, some French prog-rock band thought of it 4 years ago. It's all based on what kind of genre you are going for too. I think of some names that would be good hardcore band names, or of course there is my eventual nu metal band named Nu Order. Really anything funny is easy as shit to think of but being taken seriously is hard. I might have to settle with Johnny and the Shit-Kickers. I really have no deadline or reason to think of one, I have just been considering doing a sort of solo/collaboration project that I could do in my spare time. I have been playing bass a lot lately and it's kind of flopping around all of the different spectrum of techniques that I have learned over the years. The one song I have going starts with a post-rock riff, then metallic shoegaze, then ambient black metal, then dark dance riff, then I restrain from describing it as sludge but perhaps frozen sludge beneath a falling tree. Basically I have been listening to a lot of Wolves In The Throne Room and have been getting bored and have been wanting to push myself again like I used to do when I was a young lad.

In other news, my brother and his wife are having a baby. Which believe it or not I think is pretty coo. I fall to despair and talk about how shitty everything is all the time, but I think babies can be coo as long as they are not my own at the moment. That being said it's weird to think that I am going to be an uncle. I have a funny Uncle Todd that I always thought was cool and whacky. I kind of want to be like him. I remember being really young and going to a restaurant with my Uncle Todd and he gave me money to pay for our bill and gave me instructions on what to say. And when the waiter came up I handed him the money and said, "Keep the change you filthy animal." And everyone had big old laugh. And if my brother or sister-in-law are reading this, sorry that I am going to make your kid vegan straight edge and you are going to have to buy them Boca burgers and bail them out when they use the patented Meier Mega Missile Massacre move on some tough guy fuck in the pit. Also, you guys are done with coolness beacons (a.k.a. ciggys, jimmys, whimmy whacks, Tony tickles etc.) Maggot don't play that shit.

White Power Bill expressing himself in a meaningful way.
Otherwise, once again nothing is happening. I have been watching Arrested Development a lot and that show is so fucking funny. Every actor is a master at their craft. Apparently a 4th season is set to be released in May exclusively on Netflix. I find that sort of weird but that could be the times we are in now. Television is just so 2006. It's all about the Big Electron. I think the movie could be really good though. Anyways, I am tired. I just ate a really bad vegan grilled cheese and want to wash it down with some peach juice. It's no where near as good as the peach juice we would drink daily in Europe. That shit was so fucking good I wish I could find it here. Beer tokens were actually useful then. Mine as well be beer turds over here. Oh yeah fuck bar shows, fuck bars and fuck bar rats. This chunk was kind of all over sorry about that. Night night. 

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