Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dreams, Pissed off, Hunter

Woke up a little while ago. I have been having fucked up dreams lately. In one of them I was kidnapped and a guy was keeping me alive while he took pieces of muscle out of my right leg every time he was hungry but that way it would stay fresh. But it wasn't even scary it was just kind of like, "Dude come on, that fucking hurts!" But the weirdest thing is that they have been repeating throughout the night. Over and over again having the same dream repeat itself and I am just overwhelmed with deja vu all night.

I started a new song last night. They have just been pouring out of me lately, certainly more aggressive probably because I have been pretty pissed off recently. But hey aren't we all? Otherwise I have been really into tea lately. So either this next song will be about fucked up dreams and people eating my leg, or it will be about the soothing aroma and taste of tea. Haven't made up my mind yet.

Been listening to Wolves In The Throne Room this morning. Specifically Two Hunters, I have always found the idea of hunting fascinating in a human and nature sort of way. At a point where everything is handed to us, I think hunting 99.9% of the time is completely fucked up and unnecessary and serves merely as an ego boost for compassion-less individuals. And the argument that animals would starve if we didn't thin them down is just ridiculous. We displace their resources and destroy their homes and then have the audacity to suggest that we help them through murdering them. So in a lot of ways I find the whole act to be a reflection of us as a species. To kill out of sport. The song Hunter by Have A Nice Life is another great song that makes me wonder about this. "The Hunter does us all a great service, and we've done so much to deserve it."

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