Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shit Storm, Burning People In Oil: A Nice Christian Tradition, Stagnation And The Infinite Sadness

What a shitty day out am I right? I love days like this. The outside world supports my ability to sit in the dark alone and away from fresh air. Like I give a shit what the mouth breathers think but still. If I wouldn't get pneumonia I would probably just hang out outside and think about things for a while.

Otherwise, I have been playing the game Stronghold which is probably one of the coolest games ever made. I love how it tells you "You've been playing a long time sire." Like I am going to stop burning people in pitch oil just because you think I have been playing too long? No way programmed voice, not going to happen. The last mission I did I had to defend this castle while I got enough kegs of ale and enough of the population had been blessed. "The two great narcotics: alcohol and Christianity."

Musically I have been pretty stagnant the last few days. I was on a creation binge for a couple of weeks so I think it is good that I am taking a step back for a minute. I don't want to get burnt out on my own material before I even get everything recorded. I pretty much have just been listening to This Will Destroy You and pondering about how I have fucked up my life. I feel like 95% of what people tell me will make me happy doesn't make me happy at all. I often times just lose myself in my memories. I try to live in the moments when I was happier, usually on tour and life was so much simpler and exciting all at once. All the shit we shuffle around every other moment of the day is just that: shit. If every moment isn't moving towards something better than it's a moment wasted. And I waste so many fucking moments that it is crushing. But enough positive talk, stay gloomy.

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