Monday, October 8, 2012

First practice in a while, Long drives can be good.

Had our first practice in a really long time today as a full band. Felt like we never stopped. We played through Whitemarsh, Badroom, In A Nightmare and an earlier song with almost no problems. Kill God fell a part a little but we will pull it together. Did a lot in a pretty short amount of time though, Monte and I had to drive down to Kalamazoo because that's where our drummer lives now. The drive was well worth it though. Monte and I talked a lot about our upcoming record and the meaning of life which is basically to make this record. I know personally Longing has helped pull me through a lot of things in the past, present and hopefully the future. We are very excited for what is going to come. Can't wait to play a show again and really unleash too. (See Below)

Otherwise, I will probably just drink peppermint tea and work on more material. Luckily my voice was pretty much back today but going to take it easy still. Stay Gloomy.

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