Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fightin' Round The World, Drowning: The Saga, Gloom It Yourself

Watched the 2010 version of "Robin Hood" with Russell Crowe last night. Was so fucking long, and it was kind of the boring precursor fluff that no one really cares about. (SPOILER ALERT!) But it was pretty satisfying at the end when that one asshole was running away again and Russell Crowe put an arrow through his neck. That was pretty brutal. It made me re-install  the game Stronghold too.

In band related news, I spent most of yesterday making a different version of "Drown Beneath Our Feet." I decided to kind of make it a two-parter. I wrote a song that was in a similar vein before I wrote that song and then I thought it would be cool to have them be inseparable songs. Like "Brain Stew" and "Jaded" by Green Day. Yeah just like that. So I finished the music for the demo version of the as of now untitled first song but no vocals yet. I might just make it an instrumental though, they both sound really post-metal to me so that could be cool. Even now I am re-listening to the songs and I realize that I pretty much have only listened to my own bands, Blink 182 and maybe Jesu lately. I should make it a point to draw inspiration from other records today. Tired of hearing my shit.

It's not official yet either, but we may be playing our first show in a long time sometime in the next few weeks. I don't want to make any empty promises, but I will keep all our rabid fans up to date on that. Hard to believe it has been probably a year since our last show. I remember we made these kind of crappy white shirts but it was still exciting to have some sort of merch. We only made like 15 of them but people wanted them I guess since we sold/gave out all of them that night. Hopefully Codi cooks up some pretty cool artwork for us, he handmade over a hundred Longing stickers back in the day and they were awesome. D.I.Y. Gloom.

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